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Hi Janice,
I am wondering what you would charge to help me design a small flower bed for my front yard. I already have a few shrubs and a tree. Thanks


Hi Janice,

I'm interested in having you come over for a consultation. Could you contact me to supply some details?


Maggie Kavanagh

Hi Janice,

We have a weekend home NW of Cochrane and I recently purchased ALOT of perennials (all deer repelling) most are going into wood planters about 20 inches deep but still connect with the ground (no floor). Do you think these perennials will survive in these planters? Is there anything I can do help them along through the winter. I only put them in in the last 2 weeks, but they were larger perennials (more established roots). thanks, Maggie.


My son just bought a home in Hidden Valley and the garden shed is covered with some kind of small crawling bug, have you heard of anything like this before? (Bed bug size)

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