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June 11, 2013


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Sheryl @ Flowery Prose

Beautiful! Love that bergenia!


How do you get your bergenia to bloom like that....mine just doesnt seem to grow at all?


Absolutely gorgeous garden - I am just really getting into gardening and working on our back yard. Seem to be addicted to hostas - wonder how big they can get in the Calgary climate and our short summer.

Calgary Garden Coach

@Christina - Honestly, I don't do anything particular at all! Bergenia is pretty tolerant of all conditions- sun, shade, wet, dry, but the extremes of any of those might be too much. The other possible problem is soil - I throw a little compost on top of this patch every few years, do you you have good soil?

@raina - thanks! Hostas can reach a reasonable size here - it more depends on the variety and how much sun, moisture they get. Hostas can tolerate sun as long as they get moisture, but I generally grow them in the shade because I don't want to have to provide extra water. More water would probably help though. Perhaps grow them near a downspout!



I saw some monster hostas when I was in Victoria last year (some were 6 feet wide!), but they can get quite big here too.

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