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March 02, 2013


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Sue Gaviller

Hi Janice,

Thanks for including my last few posts in your list of ‘Online Reading and Inspiration’ – wish I felt a little more inspired myself. This latest blast of winter has me wanting to return to hibernation. Ah well - not like it’s anything new around here.

Thanks again,

Calgary Garden Coach

Hi Sue,
You are welcome! Personally I am not really minding that snow out there - it is so pretty! And you are right. Years of gardening in Calgary has taught me to not get excited about spring until AT LEAST late April, and then I am not disappointed! ;-)
Enjoy your last few weeks of hibernation...

garden nurseries

I agree with you, though we can see some signs of spring but we need not to get excited about spring until the right time comes i.e April month. Your blog is inspiring enough! But still i am getting excited! Haha!


One more idea use french gardens. Mix flowers and vegetables in the same rows to complement each other.

Thanks Janice for all those tips.


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