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February 09, 2013


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Paula H.

Oooo. I wish I had popped into Safeway today!

Calgary Garden Coach

It is definitely fun buying flowering plants in February!!

Sue Gaviller

Hi Janice,

Great perennial! I have several of these planted in my garden – they bloomed all summer and well into the fall, even after the early snow and cold. With a bit of snow cover these little guys will remain somewhat evergreen throughout the winter in our zone 3 climate, and they’ll even tolerate dry shade – how’s that for a great garden plant? I was so impressed with this Campanula that it earned a place in my Top 20 of 2012.

Now you’ll just have to wait patiently til you can plant yours out in the garden – seems like such a long way off still doesn’t it?

Happy waiting,


Bellflowers are among the most popular of perennials. Its looking just so gorgeous!! The campanula portenschlagiana is a versatile plant that is favored in cottage and rock gardens.

Calgary Garden Coach

Hi Sue,

Thanks for that additional information!! Dry shade?!? Really?!? And how well does it flower in dry shade? Hmmmm... with all my spruce trees I'm always interested in something that will tolerate dry shade!!

I'm definitely in dreaming and scheming mode at this time of year. :-)


coriander seed

I just love the color of the flower,it create charm after seeing it.I have no knowledge that it is known as Dalmatian bellflower.They are looking so beautiful.


i was in safeway the other day, saw these, thought of this post you made, abd got one without hesitation. its a beautiful plant and i cant wait to get it outside in the garden at some point :) for now its lighting up the kitchen table

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