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October 30, 2012


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Paula H.

Every time I see your Christmas cactus I want one! And check out that new pot, it's gorgeous! Maybe this will be the year...

My favorite plant got new soil AND a new pot this fall. Okay it's because I knocked it over smashing the pot and spilling dirt everywhere (and breaking off a bunch of big leaves). I think it is called a monstera. Anyway, it has huge leaves, has been around for about 15 years (really!!) and I love it!

Calgary Garden Coach

You should get one (a Christmas cactus) - they are super easy to grow if you have a sunny window!
Too bad about breaking your pot - perhaps it was not an accident but a subconscious effort to get a new pot? ;-)


Oh wow! Yours sure flowers early. Mine just had its tiny buds appear last week. Yours sure is full and beautiful! How old is it?

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Jeff! Let's see, I've lost track, but it's got to be about 10-12 years old or so. It is in a very sunny, southwest-facing window and is obviously very happy there!
Enjoy your flowers when they open,

sensible gardening

It's a beauty all right, reminds me of my Moms. I don't have very many houseplants as I never have enough time to care for them properly, but this is tempting!


I love, LOve, LOVE your cactus, pot, stand, and the outside! Amazingly creative and inspiring!
We have 2 cacti of 2 different colours in 2 different locations in the house. The deep pink one is by where our kids like to play and so I end up with a lot of broken branches. Whenever the branches are bit larger I stick them in the pot of the lighter pink and more sheltered cactus and now it is starting to shape up as I pictured it (long time ago). I like it, but the timing of the blooming of the two types is slightly different, so there is only a short time when they both bloom beautifully. Looking forward to this getting larger and more intertwined.

Calgary Garden Coach

Hi sensible, if you have a sunny window, a christmas cactus will not require very much care!
Hi Maggie! Your cactus is beautiful, too, thanks for sending a photo. I think yours is just as creative and inspiring, actually! If it were in a blue pot, it would be perfect! ;-)

broad beans

This christmas cactus is really beautiful!I love all the flowery and trees stuffs!I must say that you are truly gifted!Loved the post!

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