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September 23, 2012


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Nice tulip choices by the kids! I'll be interested to see the orange ones-I need ideas to go with the green house. Too bad the hares are so fond of your hyacinths; they are one of my favourites, too.

Thinking of spring, do you have any pasque flowers? I used to have purple. They are great for spring because they come up so early. I believe they also come in white and red, then they get fluffy seed heads.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Paula! I'll tell them you approve.
I did have pasque flower at my previous house, but haven't grown it for years. I finally got a red one this spring and planted it in the front, but too late to enjoy its blooms. I hope it will do well next spring!


So many pretty choices! Your post makes me think maybe I haven't missed the window of opportunity to plant bulbs yet again! But I wonder what you recommend for garden beds that have landscape fabric covered with small rocks. I inherited them with my house and it makes planting anything a big effort / hassle. With bulbs would you just leave an open patch that isn't covered by landscape fabric or rock? I think maybe the rock should go but that's a bigger project than I'm prepared to tackle now.

Calgary Garden Coach

No Erin, it's not too late, except perhaps for daffodils. There's not much good I can say about landscape fabric. Yes, you'll have to just cut a hole and leave an open spot where you've planted bulbs!
Good luck!

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