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July 07, 2012


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The gardens look fantastic! So missing mine right now... However, I am working on the new plans.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thank you! I'm interested to hear what you're planning and am more than slightly jealous that you get to start from scratch to do exactly what you like!

Shona Martinez

The garden flowers look so pretty! Even when I was young, I’ve always loved flowers. My favorites have always been white flowers and lavenders. My mom would even put a flower by my bedside when it would bloom so that I would be able to sleep well. I am planning to make my garden a mix of white and purple, what kinds of flowers do you think can I use?

Calgary Garden Coach

Hi Shona,
Of course, the answer to your question totally depends on where you are and what growing conditions you have. But if you have a sunny area in zone 3, any of the plants listed above should work! Have fun,

Jeremy Beauregard

You have lots of different flowers in your garden. They’re all blooming beautifully! But I noticed that the flowers are overcrowded in that area. All living things need space. It is vital for proper and continuous growth of the plants.

Calgary Garden Coach

Different gardens and gardeners have different styles. Personally, I like the full-to-overflowing look where you can't see the soil between plants. The irises do have to be divided every few years or they get too big, but otherwise I don't think this garden is overcrowded!

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