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March 01, 2012


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I was reading one of the blurbs about peppers. We grow the best peppers here. That's the one plant in my garden that grows every year no matter what! Oh and tomatoes too. It really depends probably on what area of the city you live in.

Calgary Garden Coach

...yes, and it depends even more whether you have a hot and sunny enough spot in which to grow them. Sounds like you do! :-)

Paula H.

Don't they grow artichokes in the Zoo gardens?

Thanks for the big list! I'll be reading 'till the ground thaws.

BTW, I noticed tulips coming up yesterday...

Calgary Garden Coach

They probably do. I think the list of "what not to plant" is probably more directed at new gardeners or those that don't want to worry about microclimates and other special conditions, etc. I grew cardoon from seed one year (related to artichokes) and it grew well and had several large flower buds on it that never opened before the first frost. Still a cool looking plant though!


Peppers will do better in an enclosed microclimate. I used to grow them on my 12th floor south-facing apartment deck. They did great. Totally sheltered from wind (there were walls on both sides), pests and a ton of sun reflected back from the white outside wall.

The tap water article is ludicrously wrong. I'd say rain water that came from an asphalt roof is no better than tap water. In fact it may be worse. Of course the article doesn't even bother with any sort of study, instead relying on anecdote.

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