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January 17, 2012


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I don't know - I have two different thoughts. On the one hand, having a garden with those planned colors would be lovely and the colors that she chose really compliment the colors of your house. On the other hand, I think that keeping the look a bit more natural might be more your style and a lot less restrictive. I also love the current pops of color you have in the daisies and catmint.

Paula H.

The "new" colour scheme is quite nice. I would be interested to see how they come together.

I might "borrow" some of these ideas. I am looking to move the front garden from more natural/wild to a bit more structured.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Megan! I think I can mix in a few other plants here and there that don't exactly match the colour scheme, as long as the majority do. I'll have to be careful, though.
Paula, feel free to "borrow"! I especially like the sweep of junipers idea, as they provide a nice groundcover to help tie everything together, and then perennials can be mixed in with them for a more natural look. It is sort of the relaxed, Calgary version of an English garden edged with boxwoods!
Have fun dreaming and scheming,


I am one for color schemes, but I say if you love the catmint, keep it and maybe put it closer to your blue house. I gave away a rusty red daylily because it was clashing with my pink an purple phlox. The boulevard strip has pink, purple, y...ellow, orange and white. The pink and the orange don't clash since they are in two different beds, with white and purple between. Proximity has more to do with clashing than sticking to one set color scheme. White also fixes fudges to color schemes.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Lori,
Yes, I'll probably move it and put it in a place where it will be seen with a green backdrop, looking out from the house, rather than looking towards the house with the blue in the background, so the purple isn't so obvious. And lots of white, I agree!

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