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January 05, 2012


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Paula H.

I bet it looks great back there! I am with you on planning to get out in the garden. This is the year of the vegetable. I have experimented with planting some veggies in the fall - onions, carrots, lettuces... we'll see what happens.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Paula, I'm sure I will enjoy the bigger view of the sky once the daylight hours increase and I can actually see the sky before/after work...
Good for you on the fall planting, I had good intentions to do same but ran out of steam. Let me know how things turn out!


If you get the chipper, will you keep the mulch for your garden? I wonder if you could just bundle the branches and leave them with your christmas tree for a the city to pick up. Maybe leave some bundles with the neighbours. We took down a tree last sping, baged it and distributed around the back lanes on garbage night.
Congrats on more trees out of your yard!

Calgary Garden Coach

That's not a bad idea, thanks Maggie! But that's a lot of branches and there's more to come (more on that soon!) Plus I have plenty of places to use the mulch so yes, I'm keeping it.

This week-end will be the first day since taking down the trees that i'll be home in daylight, so I'm looking forward to seeing how much more light the back shade garden will get now. lots, I bet. Woohoo, I'm so excited!


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