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December 23, 2011


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I'm glad you finally got your clivia to flower. If kept indoors all year it can be quite difficult but is a matter of withholding water long enough. It is obviously too warm where you keep it since the pedicel did not elongate properly, but that is okay for house kept plants (as long as it doesn't flower in the crown and split it).

If you really want it to flower, put it outside once we have no freezing at night. I am in Calgary and keep mine outside from last frost to first frost and they flower both in the spring and late fall. Our temperatures in the summer get so low at night that it thinks it is flowering season =) The flowers are also much more impressive thanks to being able to keep them in a sunny window during the winter (not intense enough to burn the leaves - if adapted properly) and thanks to the bright summer shade.

Without a proper cold room (with light) in your house, clivia flowering inside during the winter in our climate is not as impressive and achieving regular flowering is infeasible.


Sorry, I meant peduncle, not pedicel =)

Calgary Garden Coach

That is great information, thanks J! It did occur to me to put it outside last summer but I didn't want to have to deal with the bug issue when bringing it back inside in the fall. Sounds like it will be worth the effort.

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