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October 06, 2011


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Paula H.

Can't wait to see how the hardscaping changes the look of the front yard. Did you ever notice how nice giant spruce trees look on a plan?

Calgary Garden Coach

I can't wait either! Think of the possibilities! More perennials! More shrubs! :-)
And yes I suppose they look nice if you don't consider how tall they are! But actually, I think those 2 spruce trees are represented as being smaller than they actually are on that drawing. Imagine two more on the right hand side of that plan view and isn't it obvious those two should be removed? Not obvious to my husband, unfortunately!

Marlin Rog

You're plan looks awesome! Please post pictures of the result! ;) You can put paver lights along the walkway for a more dramatic ambiance during the night. Designing your yard would be fun because it is so spacious. ;)

Double Glazing Worcester

You are having a great plan in renovating your garden. It is such a good idea that you put some pantry for rest time.

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