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October 31, 2011


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Paula H.

I am really liking the oval design. I like that it stretches out the line of sight. The idea of a seating area at the far end of the garden is a great idea.


I am gravitating towards the 2nd concept - I really like the casual feel to it.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Paula and Megan! Easy for me to say I would pick one design when really, I like several and would probably have a lot of trouble deciding (definitely not the rectangular one though)! Sadly, I've never been in the situation where I've got the chance to choose - my garden's design has always pretty much been picked by previous owners.
Anyway, the client picked the oval one. I am jealous!

Ms. S

I like the oval best (circle second) but I would like the oval with the small circle added that you have in the first design -- maybe a small oval to go with the big oval? :)

Janice Miller-Young

That would also be nice!

Gloria Vanderheyden

I like the third one for its simplicity. A small pond is preferable in this basic set up, but then again, we have differing opinions, don't we?

Calgary Garden Coach

I like them all, really! And a pond would be very nice if one was so inclined.

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