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September 09, 2011


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This sounds like something I would attempt when I don't have buy-in from my husband. Shh!

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Allison! It's a bit sneaky and underhanded, I know, but I'm convinced it's for the greater good! :-)

Paula H.

Do you think that he will notice?


We planted a fir tree (got it free on Kijijji )in our yard that had struggled the last few years... Last weekend we finally decided to put the tree to rest... It was heart wrenching when my husband started to cut it down ... But alas it was the best thing for the tree and the garden on a whole.


I would never resort to sneaking around, when it comes to my life's partner. What message does that send to your kids? If there's disagreement we talk through the issues until we find a solution.

Calgary Garden Coach

Lisa: Yes, I figured at least some people would disapprove of my actions! In my defense, no he didn't notice the missing branches. He typically doesn't notice changes I make in the yard. The yard is pretty much my domain - I do pretty much all the maintenance as well as the design - so I guess I feel like getting him on board is just a hoop I didn't feel like being bothered with this time around.
Obviously, a few tree branches does not impact our family's lives in any way. If I was sneaking around regarding something important, obviously I wouldn't think it was funny and I certainly wouldn't blog about it! But I wouldn't be sneaking around regarding something important anyway!

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