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August 11, 2011


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Heh, yeah, I can back from Kelowna a few weeks ago. Monster sized hydrangeas - easily 7' tall. Hybrid roses all over the place. Visited Elysium - monster sized David Austin rose shrubs - some were 6'X6'! And they said that they all died back to the ground this year, so that was one seasons' worth of growth!

The Ms. S.

Looks like heaven, Janice! Glad you got some beach time 'and' garden inspiration. :)

Aaliyah Aldaco

Wow, what a garden. It's a lovely place. It's practically a small forest, or possibly a meadow, thanks to all those plants.

Christian Renwick

This garden is truly divine especially with those growing flowers and the sea nearby. I love how the pergola and flowers complement because of the variety of colors that make it picturesque. What a cool way to spend a vacation. I've enjoyed looking at your photos.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Christian, "divine" is a very appropriate word! It is a very beautiful place.

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