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August 30, 2011


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Just don't use KBG. Using fescue is waaay better for Calgary's climate. I bought sod from Terra Turf three years ago for the backyard when I moved and it's all fescue - and has held up tremendously. I never water it.

Unfortunately they got bought by Manderley. Ah well.

As for clover, it does well in poor soil but if your soil is in good shape it tends to get overtaken by the grass. I used to have a ton in the front yard (it was very poorly maintained by the previous owners), and overseeding (with fescue!), adding a ton of compost and judicious use of slow release fertilizer have really put a dent into the clover.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks plantman, great information again! Yes, it is true that Kentucky Bluegrass is not the best choice for our climate.
And now you know how poorly my lawn has been taken care of! Actually, I don't believe I've done anything except throw some compost on it once in a while in the 7 years I've lived here. Oh, and plant some clover once in a while. Once the major construction projects are done in the yard I might get around to aerating it regularly and overseeding with fescue. Good advice. In the meantime, I am enjoying the clover!

Belstaff Abbigliamento UOMO

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