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July 13, 2011


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The vegetable garden looks great!

My raised garden size has probably tripled this year - after trying it for the first time last year, I am hooked!


Throw some carrots where the spinach was, you'll get a nice small crop by Oct.

Your "small" veggies was most likely due to our poor spring weather which kept our soil too cool, not because of new soil. It's July and I'm just stating to get peas... Ridiculous!

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Megan. I am hooked too... just a little lazy at this time of year!
Good suggestion about the carrots, plantman. We can never have too many carrots around our house! I promise to get some planted in the next few days...


Love the color coded pictures, I'm going to have to try that next year, much better then my chicken scratches on paper.

This may be a stupid question but whey plant the marigolds? For looks? Or do they serve a bigger purpose?



Hi Janice...relative gardening newbie here. Can you tell me why my broccoli was growing just fine and then went to seed after all this rain the last few days? I went outside and there are nothing but big flower shoots growing and one sad floret! Thanks in advance!

Calgary Garden Coach

Hi Allison,
Sorry for my late reply, your question got lot in my inbox for a while! I haven't grown broccoli myself so I'm only speaking from what I've read/heard but I do know that warm conditions will cause broccoli to flower so it's best to succession sow (sow seeds or seedlings over several months so that it doesn't all mature at once) and to harvest often when the weather is warm. They are cool season vegetables that bolt in hot weather - so the rain was maybe a coincidence?
My Rosalind Creasy book says that the flower buds and flowers are edible, if that helps!

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