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June 13, 2011


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That's one of my garden favourites too - it's fun watching your garden come to life. I think you're around 3 or 4 weeks behind the South of England, which is interesting, given the famously short growing season in Calgary.

Janice Miller-Young

Really?  3 or 4 weeks?  Thats it?  I think its more - at least at the beginning of spring when things are getting going - but thats very sweet of you to say!

I have to say, one advantage of the short growing season is that we dont have a period of burnout at the end of summer, when summer-blooming plants are finished and fall-blooming plants havent started putting on their show yet.  We get everything almost all at once! 



Yes, looking in terms of what's blooming with you - a month ago our tulips were just ending, and our irises were just on the way. I think when you get growing, you get growing much faster - am really interested to see how fast your soil warms up, given how cold it is in the winter.


I've been admiring my neighbor's purple clematis like this for the past few days - I am for sure going to get one for my yard - especially now that I know they will tolerate shade. They are so pretty!


Ask for a new shoot from the ground - they propagate very easily.

Calgary Garden Coach

@R - I guess you're right. It just FEELS like so much longer because at that time of year I'm so desperate for spring! We do get lots of sun and hot sun, but because of our elevation our nights are pretty cool. This is supposed to be good for sweetening fruit and for saturated flower colours, but it means our plants don't get as big as they would elsewhere.
@M - I'll go out today and check if there's a shoot that can be easily separated from the main plant. It's worth a shot!


Thanks Janice! :)

The Ms. S.

I've seen a blue one like this in the back lane growing on some chain link fences and wondered what it was. Very nice!


Is this the type that grows wild in the woods by Elbow Falls? We have a yellow one in the front hedge, but i'd love to complement it with this beautiful blue!

Calgary Garden Coach

Arlee - probably! The yellow and blue won't bloom at the same time, but having both would definitely extend the overall blooming period.

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