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June 08, 2011


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Paula H.

I had lots last year - in the SE, and found one yesterday. I have instructed my little helpers that, though beautiful and living, they must be squashed! If you see them kill them before they kill your lilies. No joke, these beasties will eat all the leaves off your plant in a day.

Janice Miller-Young

Yikes.  Im worried because Im out of town all this week and my lilies were just poking up when I left.  I havent seen any beetles in my garden yet but Im guessing it wont be long...


Yikes is right - they are terrible. I saw my neighbours lilies were being destroyed and yesterday I noticed holes in my leaves and found a beetle on them. It got squished and this morning I found another one.

Calgary Garden Coach

I'm back and don't see any evidence yet... fingers crossed...
Paula, how many did you typically see at a time?


Does this bug eat anything else?

Calgary Garden Coach

Good question, Laura! Fortunately (or unfortunately for the lilies), no.

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