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June 16, 2011


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I know how you feel. I have been catching up inside cleaning, doing laundry and so on... but I would much rather be in the garden.

Ms. S

I know what you mean about getting out there in the rain. Although I can't do much right now, I did dash out in between rain showers yesterday to at least do a walkabout. :)

Dale Jackson

why have you guys not used diamond lathe to protect from hail. its easy and cheap?

Christine B.

Thanks for the shout out. I'm not sure if I didn't cross the funny line and become pathetic instead. Oh well, we've had one sunny day this summer so I guess I can't complain (much).

Christine in Alaska, rain, clouds

Janice Miller-Young

Its funny because I can see myself in what you described!  ;-)  We might actually get some sun today for the first time in I dont even know how long...

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