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May 18, 2011


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Maureen Flynn-Burhoe


Do you have geotextile under the mulch where you planted the junipers?

I bought some too and I found the roots were bound quite tight. Do you massage the roots?

Thank you for taking the time to blog the everyday. As a new gardener in Calgary I need to learn all the time.

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for your comments!  Its nice to know Im helping someone with my blog!

No, I didnt use landscape fabric or anything under the mulch.  Landscape fabric isnt great for a number of reasons, but primarily for me, a gardener who likes to putter and move things around, it can be a pain in the *%^.  Typically, as mulch decomposes, it feeds the soil, but landscape fabric prevents that (and also water percolation) somewhat, so its not as healthy for the soil.  And it just looks nasty if the mulch gets moved around and a bare spot gets exposed! 

If you mulch thickly (they say 2) then that is enough to keep down weeds even without fabric or anything underneath.  Or you could put down some newspaper first if you have lots of weeds or grass you want to get rid of.  My mulch is actually leaves leftover from last fall because thats what I happened to have around.


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