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May 12, 2011


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Thank you for your answer, Janice!
My mom suggested placing big water jugs in the ground (i will need to make little holes on the bottom of them first) and filling them up with water. So water will gradually release itself in the the soil. Thats how she keeps soil moist when she is away....
But for hail protection - it is still a challenge for me. I will keep you posted, may be with the pictures if I will be able to come up with anyhting :)


I think that when we live in Calgary (or the prairies for that matter), "bloody hail" as I like to call, can happen anytime, anywhere ... It's part of gardening here... Perennials will be battered but they will come back in time ... you just have to cut them back. Annuals are replaceable or as Janice mentioned moveable to a more protected area.

Janice Miller-Young

Yes Kseniya, keep us posted!  And thanks Tammy, I agree with you.


I would suggeset the green shade cloth from Lee Valley as an alternative. It's pretty durable, and will both be hail protection and moisture retention. I think it's only 20-30 dollars for a pretty large chunk. It can be stretched over simple supports over a raised bed (with clothespins), or be made into a patio roof type thingie with some wooden supports.

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks Tatiana!  So youve used it?


I've used it, although not against hail - I put it up to protect my tomatoes from the sun as they harden. It's very tough though, so unless we get golf ball sized hail (and what would work against that?) it should work as hail protection.

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks Tatiana!  Lets hope for no golf-ball-sized hail this year! 


Dale Jackson

use diamond lathe to protect against hail. cheap easy movable and works against golf ball size hail.

Air Alkali

Dear Janice,
I plant all of my flowers on pots since I didn't have space to plant it on soil.
I plan to make a small greenhouse made from thin plastics to cover my seedling plant. Any suggestion about it?

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