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May 18, 2011


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random bunch of letters

Lewisia and Doronicum orientale are both flowering for me. Both are well worth getting, lewisia especially with its outstanding flowers.

Daffs are up too. I was surprised that they come up before tulips.

Janice Miller-Young

Yes, I love my leopards bane for greening up so early in spring and then blooming early too.  Mine didnt show any buds a few days ago but hopefully itll be blooming soon!  I have several and theyre all in quite a bit of shade.
I dont have lewisia but have thought about it.  What kind of spot is yours in?  i.e. soil, drainage etc.?


random bunch of letters

I have two lewisia, they're both in raised beds, no special treatment with the soil, they seem to be very happy.

Janice Miller-Young

Very helpful, thanks!

random bunch of letters

Yeah I think as long as you have good drainage they'll be fine. I should also mention that one is in sunny and the other is in partly sunny conditions and they're fine with it.

I'm finding that most plants seem to enjoy partly-sunny conditions more than sunny (straight south exposure).

Janice Miller-Young


Adrian Thysse

The Tulipa tarda look great..I've got to try some of those!

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