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March 25, 2011


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The Ms. S.

The last one looks like "cousin it" from TV. lol

Great photos actually. :) The grasses really provide winter interest.

Adrian Thysse

OOOOh! Teasels! Didn't know they were hardy here. Want some.

Great photos - a good testament to leaving the garden untrimmed in Fall!

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Adrian,
Yes, theyre biennials and hardy here.  I started it from seed 2 years ago and Ive heard they self-seed like crazy so I will be vigilant this spring but would like to continue to have one in the garden.  They dont look like much in their first year, though. 
I originally planted it for my kids (the squirrel character in the Little Grey Rabbit stories uses teasel as a comb) but theyre way too spiky to play with!

Janice Miller-Young

LOL!  Thanks Ms. S!  Youre right. Of course! I knew that photo put me in mind of something but I couldnt quite put my finger on IT.

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