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March 08, 2011


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Paula H.

I am on my way downstairs to see where I could possibly set up. I think that my past failures are due to no lights - my seedlings have looked like the sad, leggy ones (before they die!). Ususally I have good success with outdoor seed starts, but I would like to get some veggies going early. I'll let you know how it goes.


Can you tell me if you use standard, full spectrum or special grow light bulbs?

random bunch of letters

Looks good!

Randy, you can get one standard light and one cool light. That will provide you with full spectrum light. I think most places now stock full spectrum as well, but they go real fast!

Janice Miller-Young

Paula - keep us posted!

Randy and Random: Ive used the standard one warm and one cool tube in the past with no problems.  This year I got the full-spectrum ones but only because I happened to find them (a few weeks ago at Rona.)  Ive also heard advice to change your tubes every year to get maximum light but I must confess I havent done that.  Its been at least 3 years since Ive changed the bulbs.  That said, mine only get used for a few weeks or months every year.



Where would you suggest to go to get lighting? Also, I planted seeds earlier this week. About half of them have sprouted, do I take the plastic lid off and put them in a sunny place, or will this ruin the other seeds that haven't germinated yet? Mine are already looking quite leggy :(

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Brandy,

Once they have sprouted they need light ASAP so yes, go get some lights or at least put them in a sunny window.  You could keep the plastic cover on for a day or two more until hopefully some more seeds germinate, then take it off so the seedlings can get some air circulation and maximum light.  I just use regular flourescent lighting fixtures - the kind you hang by chains so you can adjust the height - from a hardware store.

Hope that helps!

Tara Hopkins

How often do you water your seeds?

Calgary Garden Coach

Whenever they get dry! As the plants get bigger that becomes more often, until you plant them into a bigger pot which can retain more water.

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