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February 14, 2011


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Paula H.

I love your curtains - how crafty of you! I am staying sane by feeding the birds. There was a huge flock of Bohemian Waxwings right outside the back door yesterday (not that they want seeds!).


It's funny how in the fall after the first snowfall, I sigh a breath of relief because I think I can relax. I'm totally kidding myself.

The big projects this winter have been sewing my first quilt, doing a huge basement clean-out and painting our kitchen.

Now I can't wait for spring when I can get outside and get some fresh air!

Janice Miller-Young

Paula, sounds like you are being very level-headed so close to the end (?) of winter!  Kudos!

Megan, I am in awe!  A quilt!? Painting a kitchen!?  Those are both on my Id-love-to-do-it-but-dont-know-when-Ill-ever-have-the-time list!  Congrats!


curtain draperies

The curtains are loking goregeous. I love design of the curtains and i think its made by special men. The big projects this winter accept been bed-making my aboriginal quilt, accomplishing a huge basement clean-out and painting our kitchen.

The Ms. S.

I like what you did with the playroom! Flowers are so welcome this time of year and the fabric is gorgeous! :)

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Ms S! It seems nothing is safe from my need to add greenery and flowers at this time of year... :-)

manolo blahnik

I'd actually love to review these boxes on my shopping/lifestyle blog. i wonder if they'd send me a sample box to talk about?

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