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January 12, 2011


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dillards bedding

I've always dreamed of having my own backyard garden where I could depend for some fresh vegetables for daily consumption. It's really fun to have something like this at home where everyone could bond together while enjoying the nurturing of the garden itself and later on enjoying the bountiful harvest as well.

Kate C

hi there,
I am building a couple raised beds for my garden in Calgary and the sale man suggested to stain our untreated spruce wood planks so it will last longer. He suggested to stain the outside of the boxes with wood stain and use cooking oil on the inside that come in contact with the soil. I'm not sure about it. I read a few gardening books and none of them mentioned staining the wood. I'm not sure if it is the cold weather in Calgary that "staining" is needed. Would you say it is necessary? Thank you!

Calgary Garden Coach

Hi there,
I prefer cedar which is naturally rot-resistant, and then stain is not as much of an issue. The oil or stain is suggested because it will help preserve the wood, as it will be in contact with wet soil. So yes, some kind of treatment will make your wood last longer. Since spruce isn't as rot resistant, I would definitely use something. But I used tung oil rather than cooking oil, as it is thick and will provide much more protection. Tung oil could be put on the outside as well, and re-done every year. I would prefer that to stain, personally, to be on the safe side.


Wow, what and amazing garden. I just love your grow boxes. I would love to have my own garden just like this one.


This is perfect for what i want to do Thank you. Im not sure how to do irrigation in calgary i have seen a lot of people use different methods, but you have great ideas thanks again!

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