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December 30, 2010


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The Ms. S.

Great choices! We had the rosa glauca at our last garden (in Edmonton) and it was amazingly shade tolerant. It was on the east side of the house and only got a few hours morning light. It wasn't a heavy bloomer but did thrive and the foliage glowed a cool green in the shade. Loved it.

Ah, so nice to think of roses again. :)

random bunch of letters

Try smelling the roses in the early, early morning. The oils that carry the fragrance are very volatile and evaporate as the day heats up.

Morden Sunrise in particular has a great scent that usually only lasts an hour or two in the morning.

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks for the tips! 

Ms S., if I can grow it in shade, then perhaps I do have space for rosa glauca...  hmmmm....

Random, I will vow to stop and smell the roses early in the morning, not just later in the day when the gardening chores are done!  Words to live by!


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