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November 07, 2010


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Paula H.

Isn't it wonderful that there are still plants blooming in november?!


you have a totally different climate than me (I'm in Vancouver) but we have many of the same plants and they look about the same...although mine go black from the constant rain. Interesting!

Janice Miller-Young

Paula - yes, very wonderful!  I only wish I had more time outside to enjoy the garden these days!  :-(

Steve - yes, interesting!  But this fall has been unusual for Calgary (do I say that every year?  anyway, its certainly never the same) and things dont normally look this good this late in the year. 
And you probably also have many other plants that I cant grow.  So thanks for not mentioning that so I dont feel too jealous! 
I guess one advantage of Calgarys dry climate is that the ornamental grasses and other perennials that are grown for winter interest actually look good all winter!  The grass is always greener, isnt it?  (...except in Vancouver the grass probably IS greener!)

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