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November 09, 2010


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I've been looking for a Meyer lemon in Calgary, but no luck - where did you find yours?

I've heard that you should rotate the pot weekly so that each side gets good sun and then mist the leaves with water daily (something I would probably neglect to do).

By the way - the late fall/winter garden I planted had a little bit of success. I'm harvesting tiny baby spinach and little radishes (both really, really tasty though). The various lettuces that I planted are too small to harvest. Next year I'm going to plant everything about a month earlier (I planted on August 28th this year, but it was the first try at a late garden, so I'm not too disappointed).

Janice Miller-Young

Hmmm, Ive probably exceeded my low maintenance criterion for the Meyer lemon, but I still think those amazing flowers are worth it!  I will try to mist regularly.  I havent seen any Meyer lemons in Calgary either (but that doesnt mean there arent any available).  I ordered mine through Dominion Seed House.
Congrats on your fall veggie garden!  It certainly was a good year for it!  I still had swiss chard until a few days ago.  Ive been wishing Id got my new raised beds ready for planting this fall and then I could have had a late crop of spinach and such, as well.  Oh well, next year Ill be ready!


Sunnyside and Golden Acre both get in citrus trees. Any should make very fragrant flowers.

They're extremely popular and I think they only get in two shipments a year, so phone before going.

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks esgeg!


BTW I'm extremely impressed with both plants - I managed to kill my Christmas Cactus, but I am inspired by your success with the citrus, so I need to get one too!

Janice Miller-Young

Thank you again!  Let us know when and where you find your citrus.

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