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October 13, 2010


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Paula H

While the rain made for a less than stellar summer, it was great for my leaf compost! All that rain plus lots of stirring meant that I has a good yard of compost this fall. Usually I find that it takes minimum of two years for the leaves to break down. I would probably "rescue" leaves too if I didn't have so many of my own!

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Paula,

Yes, I was very jealous of your leaf compost bin which is probably why I got greedy this year and took so many bags of leaves!  Wow, a whole yard of leaf compost!  Your garden will be so happy.  The bags I rescued last year worked well and the leaf mold is now spread around the base of my fruiting shrubs for a nice mulch.  Hooray for leaves!


Michael Cornelia

I took your advice last fall and spread most of my leaves among my gardens after I picked them up with my leaf mulcher. I didn't think it would make much of a difference toward the growth of my plants in my garden. I was shocked to see how well everything grew this spring and summer. Thank you so much for the advice!

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Michael, glad that you noticed such a difference!

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