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September 04, 2010


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You can grow vegetables in pure compost. You get huge, huge veggies (I've tried :). Tomatoes will do especially well in it. Don't do it for lettuce though, they'll bolt too quickly.

Try out the various squashes and cukes.

Try out Garden Retreat for seeds in spring, they always have a great selection, far surpassing everywhere else in town.


I like to grow: carrots, potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes (although not the best luck with them this year), green beans, snap peas, lettuce and beets.

I'll have to try cucumbers next year. Have fun. Vegetables are so rewarding and taste SO SO good straight from the garden.

Janice Miller-Young

Good tips dzfvsa, thanks!  I will consider pure compost for those raised beds. 
Generally I order seeds in winter because, well, because I just cant wait for spring!  Its nice to curl up on the couch with a few seed catalogues, some hot tea, and a few veggie-growing books and the computer for instant research when necessary!  But maybe Ill check out Garden Retreat next year, too.
Im definitely looking forward to having space for squash and zucchini next year!

Janice Miller-Young

I agree, Jenn.  Once you start growing your own vegetables you cant really go back, can you?  Due to my limited space in the past Ive only grown things the kids like to snack on when theyre playing outside - primarily cherry tomatoes, lettuce, beans, and snap peas, although I have also grown small-space things such as spinach, beets, chard and carrots.
Let us know how the cukes grow for ya - theyll need some heat like tomatoes, which as you know we didnt get this year. :-(


I would definitely put in some asparagus and sunchokes. These are perennial.

Also potatoes. Nothing beats fresh potatoes.


Great collage! It is time to start a bit of clean up in my veggie patch. I do selective clean up in my front perennial garden. Like you I like to leave a little for the birds, and to self seed over winter.


Here there are more than 30 veggie gardening blogs for your reference:



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