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August 23, 2010


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Maureen Flynn-Burhoe

Did I miss your garden tour? I was off the Internet for a couple of weeks. I usually read your blog on a very regular basis. I scrolled back through the last weeks but I didn't find any mention of it. Anyhow I really hope you will consider having a tour. I am planning next year's garden bulbs and perennials and I am constantly learning from your experience.

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Maureen,

I didnt actually announce a garden tour but asked people who were interested to e-mail me and Id send them a time.  I felt a little weird about the idea of posting a general announcement online where any random person would find it but Id love to have my regular readers over for a tour to meet them!

Unfortunately Im pretty busy these days with kids birthday parties etc coming up but if youd like to drop by for a little look, let me know and Ill contact you privately.  Youll have to step over a lot of kids toys etc though...!


Maureen Flynn-Burhoe

Hi Janice,

Yes, Once my grandchildren are back at school and your party packs are happily delivered I would really like to drop by for a little look.

My garden beds keep expanding and I am already thinking about next spring and summer. I really appreciate your "before and during" shots and the garden beds in stages as this is the way my garden grows. I don't want my garden to ever be "finished" but I love Steve Mouzon's idea of the gift to the street: http://snurl.com/10tttq I also really appreciate ideas on plant combinations and all-seasons garden beds. Thanks, Maureen

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