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August 05, 2010


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Hi, Janice , lovely garden. I'm still busy pulling some weeds. But I'm happy with my garden now, everything grow good, but I'm hoping I can get ripe tomato in August. You can see my garden in here http://wrobelfamily.blogspot.com
or just click on my name


Janice Miller-Young

Hi Ina,
Glad to hear it!  I checked out your veggie garden photos and am JEALOUS.  Also, it looks like you didnt need any help from me except maybe to learn to be patient with the Calgary growing climate!  Congrats,


Thanks, but I still need help like how to get rid veggie's pest, and cure sick looking plant, but I know when I learn and I learn what I want to know.


Hi from "LA"! I'm very thankful for your list and permission to do some transplanting and shopping now. What I thought was a simple project to paint our front door has turned into a big plan to revamp all aspects of our curb appeal. By the end of the long weekend I will:

- re-paint the porch (probably still white, but maybe I'll get creative)
- paint the door (maroon)
- decide where to move shrubs to make room for a porch extension
- maybe move a perennial or three
- further contemplate incorporating the sump drainage and downspout into the front landscape (or hiding it under the lawn)
- or just have a beer and save it for spring


Janice Miller-Young

Hi Pam,
Wow, youre ambitious!  I need a beer just after reading your to-do list!  ;-)
Have fun,

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