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August 06, 2010


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Christine B.

I have but one large spruce tree, and though it provides welcome privacy, it is so dry and infertile under said tree that almost nothing will grow. I can't imagine having scads of spruce to deal with.

Everyone should have neighbors with fruit overhanging the fence;)

Christine in Alaska

Janice Miller-Young

Only one spruce??  Consider yourself lucky Christine!  I dont even try to grow anything underneath them but because I have so many its even difficult to grow things NEAR them!
I am grateful for the fruit though!


Some cherry tomatoes grow very well in shade - four hours of sun.


Raspberries! That is toping my list for next years garden. I'm going to have to play with their shade tollerance a little myself. I might need to do some tree trimming.

I like you planters!

Janice Miller-Young

Cherry tomatoes!  I never would have thought of trying!  Im guessing that four hours has to be a hot four hours though, middle of the day?


Good question. Probably not morning sun, anything else should be fine. Keep the tomatoes on your patio, the bricks act as a heat releaser during the night.

Try out Sungold, they're amazing.

Mike Graf

Hi, I am new to gardening. Where do you recommend I get some Raspberry canes?

I live in Calgary too.

Calgary Garden Coach

Hi Mike,
You can buy bare-root canes in spring in any garden centre such as Sunnyside or Greengate probably around early May. The big box stores may have them too but I wouldn't trust them as much for quality - make sure you check them to see that the roots aren't too dried out.

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