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July 27, 2010


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You could try entering the small gardens or edible gardens category.

I did go to some of the winners this year - some of them were so over the top (in a good way) that there's no way I'd be able to maintain them.

I wasn't at all impressed with the edible garden winners though.

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Awfawef,

Thats exactly what I was thinking when I went to some of the winners: over the top - in a good way but a crazy amount of work!   And I had the same impression of the edible garden winners too... but I have seen some very good ones in the past.



Yeah, I think it was just a bad year for the edible gardens.

It was great though talking to so many people that liked gardening.


Try adding meadowsweet. It's completely edible, grows tall and has nice fragrant flowers.

Paula H

The view through your garden gate is one of my favourites.

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks Paula!  I like it too and it was one of those things that just evolved.  We put in the gate a few years ago and last year I decided it needed a little something more and put the trellis up and planted the hops.  The rain barrel is a bit of an eyesore but its handy to have the water nearby!  Maybe someday Ill paint it...


Janice Miller-Young

Meadowsweet is a good suggestion, thanks!  The corner of this garden is the only shady AND moist spot in the yard, since it is near a downspout, so meadowsweet would probably do well.  I didnt know it was edible!


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