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July 17, 2010


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Paula H

Welcome Back! I am planning on spending Sunday out seeing as many gardens as possible. Allison and I did this last year and picked up lots of ideas for our own gardens. My favourites are the ones that feel isolated from everything - I need larger trees!


Ahh yes coming back from vacation is lots of work. Looking forward to more pictures. And I'm in for a tour too. Love to see it in real life.

Maureen Flynn-Burhoe

I began following your blog months ago and you have influenced the evolution of my garden in so many helpful ways. I love my dry creek bed, pathways through the garden beds for children to explore, naming garden beds, etc. I really appreciate those pictures in which you share areas that are undergoing big changes and are not usually found in gardening magazines. I think of your pictures when I've suddenly decided to create a new bed or paint 10 trellises at once and I have to live with the consequences until the job is done. Of course most of the time your dazzling all-season healthy combinations for Calgary's unique growing challenges inspire me. I take so much of your advice seriously and I am constantly confirmed from other sources and my own experience that you were right! I am on a really low gardening budget (if that exists) and suggestions like the Mothers Day mushroom compost and the availability of City landfill mulch were great. I was hoping you would win the competition so I could visit your garden and I am really hoping you will have your own tour soon.

Janice Miller-Young

Maureen, you made my day!  Thanks for all those positive comments - it reaffirms why I am doing this.

10 trellises at once???!!!  And I thought I was crazy!  ;-)

Ill get on organizing that tour soon...

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