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July 28, 2010


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Paula H

What kind of cherries do you have? I have been thinking about a couple of bushes for my "edible area", but I haven't settled on which kind.

What would be your dream fruit to grow? Mine is peaches... I so wish we could grow them here.

Janice Miller-Young

Mmmmmmm... fresh peaches!  Id be happy with tomatoes that ripened before August! 

My cherries are all from the Romance series.  This particular one is Carmine Jewel, which I planted 2 years ago along with Crimson Passion.  The Crimson Passion died back to the ground this year (its in a pretty exposed location) so before I realized it was still alive, I went out and bought a Cupid cherry.  So now I have 3 but the Carmine Jewel is the only one that produced fruit this year and this was the first time.  Theyre all still quite small.  Theyre yummy though!


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