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July 02, 2010


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What are the beautiful tall pink and purple flowers? In photos 3 and 5.

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks for asking!  Painted daisies and siberian iris.  They make a great combo, dont they?

Natalie Henderson

Janice you are such an inspiration !! from South African immigrant novice gardener to Calgary. You have walked me through every step from Jan 2010 (first house in Calgary )to now and my garden is growing beautifully , I also added some perrenials to compliment what i have. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog !!

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Natalie! Actually, you're my inspiration. At this time of year I'm so busy with my own garden that I sometimes wonder why I bother to blog. But you remind me how great it is to help other Calgary gardeners, especially new ones like you. So glad to be of help and I'm glad you're happy with your garden this year.
Send me some pictures sometime!

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