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June 14, 2010


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That's the great part about these contests. They propel us and our gardens forward on projects that may other wise be procrastinated. I did a post on this the other day, when I came home to a nomination sign in my front garden. In our contest though, we don't receive any feedback, which is unfortunate.

Paula H

I would have to agree that the gardeners of the "Winning Gardens" seem to lack children, pets, and employment outside of their garden!


Bah, all those things are just obstacles in the quest for the perfect garden :)

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks for the comments everyone. I think, despite the fact that some areas of the garden are not mature, some areas of the yard still need work, and I will not have time to make my garden as immaculate as previous winners seem to have time for, I will enter a few select areas of my garden. I definitely don't think I'm ready for the "curb appeal" or "whole garden" categories. But I do look forward to the feedback from judges and the thrill of the competition!! I'll keep you updated,

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