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June 11, 2010


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Paula H

Just enter the garden contest! Yours looks as good as winners that we visited last year.

A note about compost...I am not good at getting around to stirring mine either. What I do, though, is once a year empty it (onto a tarp), water it, stir it, and dump it back in. The bin usually reduces by half and takes about one year to be ready. I also leave the lid off when we get a good rain, because I am cheap and don't want to pay to water compost!


I would love to see your garden in person...please enter the contest!

Calgary Garden Coach

Good tip on the compost Paula!
If I did enter the competition that doesn't necessarily mean you would get to see my garden since I don't actually expect to win. I'm more just interested in the feedback I would get. There are a few areas of my garden that still need to mature and other areas that just plain need work (England for example, and the site of the recently-removed greenhouse). I don't show photos of those areas very often...
If people would like a tour of my garden maybe I could just arrange to do that independent of the garden competition....? Anyone interested?


I would be totally interested in seeing your garden! I found your blog about 2 months ago and found it very inspiring as I am currently remaking my garden after a recent garage build.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Rhona! I do hope my blog is inspiring and informative because that's why I do it. Have fun in your garden and I will consider inviting readers for a tour this year. Stay tuned!

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