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June 06, 2010


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Lisa Turner

My garden is a sad, sad place. =( I lost so much over the winter! Spirea, columbine, astilbe, hosta, one of my roses (which has been in for 5 years) died nearly to the ground, rock cress, speedwell. =(

My Thunderchild crab is finally blooming, pincherry has just finished and my new favourite, brunnera, looks gorgeous! I think I need more spring blooming plants. Suggestions?

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Lisa,
Sorry to hear that! 
I think you can never have too many spring-blooming plants - we all yearn for colour in our gardens at this time of year, dont we?!  Hopefully the pictures I recently posted help, but some of my favourites for this time of year are brunnera (who doesnt love this plant?), bergenia, lamium and pulmonaria for shade, and cushion spurge and dwarf bearded iris for sun.  There are lots of alpine plants that bloom in sunny spots in spring too - veronica whitleyi is a great one that comes to mind.

Lisa Turner

Hi Janice,

Your pictures are perfect! My lamium is just about to flower, ditto with my anemone. I think part of the lack of flowers is my "zone" (I live in Rocky Ridge) and we just seem to be weeks behind the rest of the city. Damn elevation! ;)

I have a sunny spot in the front that needs some plants. Is it too late to plant iris? Is that something I need to plant in the fall? I've never tried bulbs of any sort!

Paula H

"England" looks great this year!

Janice Miller-Young

Ha!  Thats very kind of you to say!  Theres still some junk back there but I cropped it out of this particular picture.  But its definitely better than last year!  ;-)

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