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June 07, 2010


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Do you have a map of your yard anywhere on this site? I enjoy reading about the different gardens but can't visualize how they sit onto the property. I like how you have it broken into groups... it makes tackling the yard easier. I will have to come up with names for mine.

Janice Miller-Young

Thats a great idea and something Ive never (yet) got around to doing.  Sounds like a good winter project...


Hi Janice

Do you think it is too late to restart seeding tomato, because I transplanted all my 15 tomato seedlings from 3 different varieties last week when the weather was warmer and now it look like getting cold again around 6 deg C during night. I dont think they will be fine .I remember I transplanted tomato seedling around June 7th last year and they were fine without any protection. but the weather now is like winter never end. I wish I have Indonesian weather here, lol.

Janice Miller-Young

Im sorry to hear that!  Im actually out of town this week so I guess in a way at least Im glad Im not missing good gardening weather...  :-{
Yes, it is too late to start tomatoes from seed now.  If yours are not healthy you could probably still pick up some plants from a garden centre, but if they are healthy then there is no need.  The plants will not love the 6degree temperatures and the coldness will definitely slow down their growth, but it will not kill the plants.  If you have anything to insulate them from the temperatures (from greenhouse to coldframe to water jugs) this would be ideal, but they will still pull through if you dont (assuming all are conditions are good i.e. good amounts of light, water, air circulation, etc),  June is our rainiest month so hang in there!



Janice I did the same thing! My dozen are all now looking very ill. I got a soil test kit to see if maybe that is the problem, but everything else in the garden seems to be good. I started thinking it was the cold, so that puts me one step closer. I want to give them a chance, but really how long can you wait? Oh well learned a lesson this year for sure. Dont get too excited to plant early!

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