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May 26, 2010


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Jealous! This looks awesome! I just moved so I haven't even thought about what to do yet (save replacing the little small tree that is out front that was decimated by the rabbits!).

Boom Trucks

I wish I had a hill like that in my yard. I've always wanted one. How did you build that up that way? Naturally or with some sort of construction equipment or what? I'd like terraces in my yard with some sort of natural stone walls for the terrace, if that makes sense.

Boom Trucks

BTW i love the stone pathway. I can see a dwarf weeping cherry tree in there at the top of your path with a nice little bench up there to sit on and enjoy the view ;)

Janice Miller-Young

Theres a retaining wall at the back and sides. 

I like terraces too but due to the layout of my backyard I kept the slope.


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