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May 03, 2010


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Christine B.

The kinnikinnick is native here...you think that would mean foolproof. Yes, I enjoy growing it, but no, it doesn't seem to enjoy my garden. I probably lose a plant every year. I think it's the silty, wet soils in spring.

Christine in Alaska

The Ms. S.

Those tulips are adorable! I saw kinnikinnick with its little flowers at an inspiration garden last month and really like the look of it. When we overhaul our front yard, I think we will put some in.

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks!  My kinnikinnick was actually an impulse purchase when I was planting last spring, and Im glad I got it!  It will take a couple of years to fill in but Im looking forward to the year-round colour, and the spring flowers are definitely precious!


Angle cuts are a sure sign of jackrabbits. Normally they don't eat tulips so they must be getting desperate for food in your area.

Calgary Garden Coach

You're right, what was I thinking? Squirrels dig up bulbs, they don't just eat the tops. Yes, we have many hares in our neighbourhood too and they've eaten my tulips before (and many other things, grrr.)


Love the species tulips! I wasn't sure if they were hardy here. Do you have to be careful of the variety?

flowers to Philippines

Wow! this is a very cool tulips I really like it so much,it was so refreshing on the eye love it.


Janice Miller-Young

There are several varieties but the tulipa turkestanica (yellow ones, as shown) are definitely the most reliable here.


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