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May 17, 2010


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Christine B.

I like the new pastel shades mix I've seen around the last few years. The Home Depot orange and banana yellow are a bit strong for me. This plant is native to my area and the roadsides are covered with them in summer.

Christine in Alaska

Janice Miller-Young

I agree Christine, normally I dont like those colours in flowers either.  But at this time of year when Im starved for colour and those poppies pop out all over the place, they are a welcome sight!


Love these flowers, but I've never managed to get any. Would it be too late to scatter some seeds now?

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Kim,

Its not too late, but you wont get flowers until much later in the season at this point.  If you ever want free seeds just let me know because in a few weeks Ill have more than I need as the first flush of flowers finishes up.


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