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May 26, 2010


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Paula H

Can't wait to see the new garden!


I'll be curious to see what you do! I see my SIL was already here!



Your patio looks great. Quick question though--our neighbor is considering doing something along the same lines (the patio part) but she's a hoarder so I'm worried that she'll just use this space as a spot for more storage. Did you have to get any permits from the city or your neighbors for this?
Thanks for any info you could provide.

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Allison and Paula!  This will be a long work-in-progress as they are doing it all themselves but it will be fun to watch the transition!

I love the idea of a patio in the front.  I have no idea what the regulations are about storing stuff on such a patio but I would guess nothing specific. 


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