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May 06, 2010


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Christine B.

I think you Calgary lot are about a week ahead of us. Our last frost date is the last day of May. Like I'm going to wait that long;) I already picked up my giant (to me anyway) potted Phormium specimen and the nursery attendant gently scolded me for getting it from the greenhouse too early. I said I'd take my chances and the Phormium was tough. I can see the garden powers that be blowing a snowstorm in my way for writing that....

Did the bark mulch thing and it really made the garden look more finished for tours. For some reason exposed soil catches my eye more than the bark mulch. I only use compost as a soil additive and not a top dressing because I don't have enough of it, so I don't have the bark/compost dilemma.

I think this is the year (even though two little ones roam about) that the lawn needs some improvement. At least me making an effort to level out the low spots so no one twists an ankle.

Christine in Alaska

Janice Miller-Young

Youre right - you could probably sprain an ankle on my lawn, too! 

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