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May 20, 2010


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Lisa Turner

Which garden centre do you like? I always end up at Sunnyside because it's in my end of town, but I think it's kind of pricey. I don't mind heading out of town if I have time, so do you have a recommendation of one out of town and one in town?



I was going to ask the same thing?!

Janice Miller-Young

I have no wonderful, secret place.  In fact, Im pretty pressed for time so I generally hit up places near my house.  I usually go to Canadian Tire first, because theyre closest, they have nice plants, grown in Alberta and fairly well taken care of, good prices but limited selection.  So I pick up whatever they have that I like first. 
Then I come home and pot those up and decide how much more and what I need (generally more interesting foliage plants to combine with common flowers Ive already got.)  Then I head to the garden centre for whatever I still need - better selection but higher prices. 
I do go to Sunnyside most often because it happens to be close, but there are plenty of nice garden centres in Calgary and all will be generally more reliable (in terms of quality of plant maintenance as well as staff knowledge) than the big box places.  But Ill also stop by any other place that happens to have plants this time of year (Superstore, for example) and check out the selection whenever I have time.  You never know when or where you might find something that you just have to have!

Happy shopping!

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