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April 26, 2010


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Chrisitne B.

So sorry to hear about the snow. I think I would throw in the trowel if it snowed again here (knock on wood). The snow is just about melted and I've been enjoying the tidying up.

I have been pondering a living room repaint. The thought of having to tape off the trim scares me off of it though. Prep is so time-consuming, no?

Janice Miller-Young

Heres a thought for you - dont tape.  I read a magazine article once written by a professional painter who advocated just having a steady hand and not using tape - it actually gets better results (cleaner edge) as well as being faster.  I used to find the paint would bleed under the tape and Id have to touch up anyway.
It all comes down to how you hold the brush and how much paint you put on the brush.  Try it, it really works!

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